May 2nd – 1st Class in Reverse – Aruba Style!

As always and with a wild hair, we decided to just book a trip to Aruba at the last minute with the kiddos. Literally, a few days before flight departure, we were on the fence between Scotland and ‘the Caribbean’. The Caribbean consisted of one of the islands that we have not visited as the Weatherly Clan thus far. Scotland was very enticing, but we felt we needed 2 whole weeks for that trip, and we really only had about 9-10 total days. With the crazy Euro Trip from last fall and Ireland twice in the last 2 years, and just needing a ‘break’ from it all, we opted for the Caribbean. A little research, internal discussion and cheap air fare later, we were booked for Aruba. I’ve (Michael) been to Aruba once, as a 19 year old college freshman, so technically it’s a check in the box for new destination for Weatherly Travels. The best part about this last minute travel planning was that Grandma Rose decided to take part. She called on Wednesday and said, “What are you guys doing this weekend, I was thinking about coming down to see the kids”. We said, “Well, we just booked a trip to Aruba, wanna’ come?!”. She said, I wish I could, about 5 minutes later, she called back and said, “You know what, why not, I’m in!”…..and here we are…just a few days later, settled in on Aruba – “One Happy Island”. And boy does it live up to the motto. So far, in day 1, we’ve had nothing but pleasant greetings and dined on freshly caught fish (red snapper) with the locals, chased an iguana, hit up the pool / and beach, walked the Rennaisance boardwalk, and finished off the night with a 2nd trip to the jumpy house and Haggen Daz Ice Cream. As I type, both kiddos and grandma are passed out in the back bedroom! A fun day for all… what’s up with that title “1st Class in Reverse”

Travel Tip: 1st Class in Reverse

We’ve traveled 1st class on several occasions, every time, it has been because we were either upgraded for free and/or the airline messed our tickets up and we got 1st class on that and/or the next flight. 1st class is totally worth it…if you have the money….which we don’t, so that is why when possible, we travel ‘1st Class in Reverse’. 1st Class in Reverse is sitting at the back of the plane. See, most people don’t like to sit at the back of the plane, for several reasons, e.g., smelling of the jet fuel, loud noises, last on and off, near the bathroom, etc., etc. Us being the optimists we are, love sitting in the back, especially with the Weatherly young-lings in tow…think about it. Loud = covers the kids noise(s) should there be any, close to the bathroom for frequent kid visits, close to the flight attendants for any/all needs, and last to get on/off which means more time to run free in the airport before boarding and more time for napping while everyone else is exiting. You are also closest to the drinks, alcoholic beverages and’s pretty much your personal bar. That’s traveling in style, that’s 1st Class in Reverse…and that my friends is Weatherly Travels!

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