May 5th – Butterfly Farm, Alto Vista Church, Natural Bridge & The Old Gold Fort

Today was tour de Aruba day. We started out with a general idea of things to see and explore, and as always it turned into a bit of a wild ride of twisting turns and unexpected surprises. The morning started with a trip to the butterfly farm, where we learned that you can visit daily on your week vacation to Aruba with the same pass, bonus. After getting a quick science lesson and exploring the amazing farm, we headed out towards the East Coast of the island. There we built a few traditional rock island statues, toured the Alto Vista Church, the Old Gold Fort and found Natural Bridge. Although Natural Bridge caved in a few years ago, baby bridge still stands and can be explored and walked across. I must say, it is a bit eery walking over the Baby Bridge. It’s hard to not think to yourself that at some point in time this bridge, will fall, luckily it was not the time we walked across! The biggest surprise of the came in building a few of those traditional rock sculptures. I found a shallow pool by the ocean, where waves were crashing every once a while. By no means dangerous, it did give a good spray/splash every once and a while. The pool served as a treasure trove of building blocks for our sculpture. After we constructed our towers with the kids, Sienna and Mylan said they wanted to venture down to the pool. I took them down to collect a few more rocks and get a few good pics. That’s when the surprise hit…our backs were turned to the ocean and I should have noticed as grandma and Cierra’s eyes got bigger and bigger and bigger as Cierra was snapping away on the photos. As we said cheese, we heard the loud crash of the wave hitting the outcropping behind us, what started as a nice spray ended in a loud splash, we were absolutely drenched, soaked from head to toe, both me and the kids. Bad news is we were now soaked, good news is we were cooled off from the hot Aruba desert sun and ended up with some really good photos! Check out those splash pics below! We ended the day with our now traditional dip in the pool for settling down with dinner and a nice night to sleep.

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