May 6th – Baby Beach!!!…and Does the Pope Poop in the Woods???

Baby Beach Bound. We set the alarm for 7am and were successfully at Baby Beach by 9am. Even with a map in tow we were still having a hard time finding this famed Baby Beach. You see, the tourist map they give you show you where the sites are, giving you a few main routes on a map. What they fail to do is to provide you with all the small streets that you have to turn onto to get to the site.  Through trial and error we found it. 
We totally scored being the second family at the beach at that time. We had our choice of the prime real estate. We snatched up a thatched shelter, got two chairs strategically placed between the bar restaurant and the beach. The kids got lubed up with SPF 50 and we hit the clear Azul waters of the Caribbean. Before taking that cool dip in the water, Sienna of course had to use the bathroom (#2) and they were not open yet. So yep, we did what you have to do, went in the woods. Right before depositing a treasure in the sandy/grass of Baby Beach, Sienna looked up at Daddy and was somewhat worried that this was out of sorts. I said, don’t worry, honey, everybody does it, even the Pope. With a very serious look she said, Daddy…does the Pope poop in the woods. Trying not to laugh, I said, well if he was here and the bathrooms weren’t open and he had to go, I’m sure he would. Too funny!

The water was so clear it was like swimming in a pool. It was very shallow too so you could walk out for quite a ways until it was chest deep. The law of the 3 B’s was definitely in check at this place: Beach, Beer, and Bathrooms.  We left around 12.30 and proceeded to get lost-but not on purpose. It was to our advantage as we found a great kite surfing location and came across roaming donkeys and a herd of goats. WHO LET THE GOATS OUT! ?!? Baaaa ba ba ba baaaaa. Anyways, we headed back to our place, had lunch and mojitos.

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