May 7th – Save the Donkeys & Dinner at the Lighthouse

O.K. so donkeys on the island, uh yeah, we had to visit. In the middle of the island more towards the desert and desolate side, we heard of a donkey reserve. Shuttling the kids, grandma and us into the car, we decided to head that way. Not knowing what to expect, we were more than excited to find a very pleasant adventure waiting for us. We highly recommend the donkey refuge. You get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the donkeys. The kids were delighted to feed, pet and even walk a few of the donkeys. After a drive around the island and taking in a few more sites, we decided it was best to head back and hit the pool. And that is exactly what we did. After a quick dip, we showered up and headed north on the island towards the “Lighthouse”. This restaurant was worth every penny and highly recommended by Weatherly Travels. Grandma and the kids were in heaven as we dinned on all kinds of local seafood and took in the sites on the balcony of a setting sun over the beaches of Aruba.

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