June 18th – 21st – National Harbor, MD & Washington DC

We have been really slack about the family mini vacations that we take and for memories sake, will try and be better to document so we don’t forget the short adventures in between.

THURSDAY: Mike had to work in the MD and DC area for the week and was staying at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor.  This place is amazing and has a huge atrium that encompasses 2 acres of shops, restaurants, fountains, and beautiful greenery that looks over the Potomac River.

We arrived and immediately met a great bell hop named Ric from Tobago.  The kids loved him from the start and he even let them hop on the luggage cart for a ride into the hotel to check in.  We checked in at the front desk only to find that they did not have a room for us. They had notes in the system to move us to a room with two beds but they did not have a specific room.  Sienna flashed her smile and complimented the lady on her pretty finger nails and ear rings. I think that may have helped with the awesome complimentary room upgrade that we got! That aaannnndd the fact that they were bouncing off the walls from the 4 hour car ride. We got our room keys and walked into a corner suite with a view of the river. The best part of this room was that it had a separate bedroom! BONUS!

It is cheaper to park your car at the hotel than to valet ( $24/day vs. $35/day ) so we opted to park the car in the garage.  I took the kids back out and parked the jeep and rushed back towards the front of the hotel in hopes to check out the waterfront before a storm set in.  We ran back into Ric and he ended up giving us a personal tour of the hotel.  He showed us where the pool was, took us down to the atrium, and outside to the lawn and gardens to show us the river.  At that time it started to thunder so we ended up heading back to the room.  Mike had to have dinner with a client so I took the short folks to the sports bar and grill in the atrium for a quick dinner.  However, he surprised us with a quick stop-in before he headed out. We headed up afterwards and settled in for the evening until Mike got back from work.

FRIDAY: Mike headed off to work in the morning and I had to do something with the kids and all of their energy so off to the pool we went.  From 8.30-10 these two tadpoles swam their hearts out. I even had them doing laps at one point to ensure that they would sleep at nap time. By the way, it paid off!

After swimming we headed back up to the room and met Mike there to head out check out the harbor.  The kids were asking about going on the ferris wheel, which is a smaller version of the London Eye but still pretty cool.  It cost about $50 for us four to ride. A little bit more than I’d like to pay but we got suckered into it.  We had a personal car that was air conditioned and the view was nice. You could see the Washington Monument in the distance and it was a good view of the harbor. Other than that I could have gone around once for a quarter of the price and have been done with it.  The kids thought it was great and in the end that was all that mattered.

We hopped off of the wheel and headed down the pier back to the beach where a huge metal statue of King Neptune was coming out of the sand. This is a total photo op and another chance for us to let the kids run around.  Plus it was free! Lunch was in order so we found a place called the Granite Street Brewery.  This place just opened and I have to say the food was good and so was the beer. We both had a wheat beer with our lunch and then headed back to the hotel to let the kids nap.

After the kids took their much needed nap we used uber to hitch a ride from the hotel to the Nationals game for the evening. Nats vs. Pirates.  We had to leave before the game ended as the kids were starting to get stir crazy, but they made it to the 8th and it was pretty much over. On the way home, we saw them win on Daddy’s MLB app, met a new cool uber driver and had the chance to say good night to Ric one more time.  Tomorrow it is off to the old historical city of Alexandria. We will be taking the water taxi over, about a 25 minute ride.  Until more adventures for tomorrow….

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