May 10th – Baby Beach….Uh Yeah….Take #3

O.K., you know a place is great, when you go there three times on one trip. Yep, right back to baby beach for pretty much a repeat of the day before. The only difference was this time, after the stay we were so relaxed (and running out of food supplies) that we decided to hit up a restaurant in the downtown area. The restaurant was the perfect spot, close to the hub-bub of downtown, and in a perfect spot due to close proximity to the airport and marina to see tourist coming and going. Tomorrow, unfortunately, we will be one of those tourist leaving. Most time when gone for a while, it feels good to be headed back home. This time, we aren’t so sure. This place is just now starting to feel comfortable and certainly a spot we could call home for quite some time. Maybe not forever, but certainly long enough to get a good suntan!

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