May 11th – Headed Home from Aruba

Well, the trip had to come to end eventually. Luckily, we had a late flight, so were able to sleep in this morning, have a magnificent breakfast and hit the pool for a real quick dip just one more time. After returning the car and checking our bags it was time to say goodbye to Aruba. The kids were treated like royalty and rock stars (as usual) at the airport, in that they got to load bags on the conveyor belt and help the workers with the checking in of passengers. It was such a joy to see Grandma’s face light up as she watched the kids laugh and play and so saddening to know that this adventure was suddenly coming to an end. Cierra and I at times when on trips, mimic taking a picture with our hands and even make the cha-chick noise (that a camera makes). We call those our mental memories so we never forget them. There were a lot of those on this trips. And as always, we look forward to making many, many more.

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