May 8th/9th – Touring the Island & Baby Beach Take 2

Running out of days unfortunately and absolutely falling in love with Baby Beach, we woke up early and toured the island taking a different route this time to our latest and greatest Aruba Tourist attraction Baby Beach. It’s a bit of a drive to Baby Beach in that it is all the way at the southern tip of the island, at least a 30 minute drive from our resort, but it was worth every single second of that drive. We were one of the first ones to arrive at the beach and quickly took up one of the cabanas. Getting settled in, we lathered up with sunscreen and dipped our toes in the wonderfully warm Caribbean water. Words cannot even describe this place, it is like heaven on earth. The water goes as far as you can see, is calm and only waste deep which gave Cierra, Grandma and I the opportunity to relax in that we didn’t have to worry about the kids being swept out to sea. We combed the beach for emerald green sea glass, looked in the shore break for all kinds of crabs and other sea creatures and just soaked in the rays as the hours slipped away. We hit up the local restaurant for a snack and a few island beverages and then headed home to a great dinner and relaxing evening by the pool. Ahh….paradise!!!

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