Sept. 7/8th – Off to Nova Scotia!!! Brews, Views and Moose

YASSSS! A grown up trip that includes wineries, breweries, a different country, and GORGEOUS scenery! A trip that will include great seafood, hiking, golfing, wildlife and a true appreciation for this amazing place!

We only had 5 days here on our adult only vacation. We were having a hard time trying to decide where to go and ultimately we couldn’t have picked a better place! The flights were short and inexpensive from VA. We got to Nova Scotia by 11am with less than 3 hours of flying time. The airport was very clean and quiet and we had not problems zipping through and getting our rental car.  Once we got our car we were on our way to the Tidal Bay area known for their incredible white wines.  They actually have their own appellation, called Tidal Bay.  Our first stop was on the way to our bed and breakfast at Avondale Sky. We literally saw the sign for it on the interstate and veered off the road to this gorgeous winery. The tasting room was in an old church that they actually had to float down the river and reconstruct where it is now. We enjoyed the warm sun, good wine, and gorgeous views. Our first stop was a hit.  We also befriended the manager who gave us a wine map and sat down with us to tell us about the area and places to see along the way.

The next winery was called Grand Pre, which means the great marsh ( I believe ).  The land used to be all marsh land and a few hundred years ago dykes were built to create fertile farm land and thus allowing these amazing grapes to be grown in this area. While we were at this winery we were told of a great restaurant just around the corner from where we were. As a matter of fact, the B&B we were staying at has a direct path to the restaurant and winery. At sunset, the owners light the lanterns along the path for the guests to follow along and get back. We were sold and promptly made our reservations for that night.  We walked along the UNESCO View Park of the Grand Pre. It leads you through the vineyard and then spits you out with a never ending view of the Grand Pre and the water beyond that.  We totally took advantage of being tourists and snapped pics of us in the chairs before all the flags.

Our next winery, Gaspereau Vineyards.

Then it was on to LaCadie Vineyards

And then there was Luckett Vineyards with their famed red phone booth tucked away in the middle of the vineyard for their wine patrons to use to make free international calls.

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