March 27th – London to Stonehenge, through the UK countryside to Birmingham, UK

The day started with us sleeping in big time!!!! Mommy wanted us up-and-at-em by 0800…yeah try 1000ish…the kids even slept that long…and that never happens! We utilized the family affair breakfast at the Marriott (btw – highly recommend the Marriott at the Marble Arch – parking is easy – don’t forget the London congestion tax, service is amazing, pool, fitness, spa and hot tub, bar and restaurant, location, location, location and the view + cocktails in the evening and breakfast in the morning from the executive lounge were to die for.

Wasting no more time, we gobbled down breakfast and since we were officially behind on time on mommy’s plan-o-meter we packed out stuff, threw it in the car and headed out West by Southwest to the English countryside. Stonehenge just a short 1.5 hour drive was on the agenda and a must see for Weatherly Travels. Stongehenge – we have heard mixed reviews…life-changing – it’s a bunch of rocks in a pile….life changing, can’t miss it…..don’t waste your time…..magical…..smaller than we thought… was time to formulate our own opinion. OK – so life changing….no….magical….maybe….definitely smaller than we thought…..but a must see for anyone that close. The kid’s predictions for the rocks formation ranged from God putting them there, a tyrannosaurs rex put them there, they walked there, they flew there, and maybe Mia (our new puppy Boston Terrioro) or Santa put them there. In our honest opinion, all of the kid’s theories were probably as close as the ‘experts’ on the subject. Long story short, they were beautiful, a sight to see and worth the 1.5 hour drive.
Tip: When you get to Stonehenge, skip the lines and buy an English Heritage pass – look for the automatic doors to the right of the line near the bathrooms and the jagged red square symbol. Family pass is only 49 pounds and if you are going to see at least one more site (which we knew we would), it’s totally worth the price. There are hundred to see in England and you get a 50% discount on any historic sites visited in Scotland. Skip the line, buy the pass, take the bus up the land and save a ton of money!
After walking the grounds of Stonehenge, it was back in the car for the trek north as far as we could go to Scotland without literally and figuratively running out of gas. That stop ended up being in Birmingham the UK. With our handy GPS we found the Marriott Birmingham, only 109 pounds a stay including breakfast and parking for only 15 pounds – a great deal!


We had dinner, caught up on emails, bathed the kids and crashed for the night!





























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