March 31st – Glen Affric, Glen Ord (Scotland)

We started our day out by breaking in the new toys from a purchase of the previous day (crazy marbles and toy helicopter). We managed to not break anything at the wonderful AirBnB were staying at in Tomich and not lose the helicopter in a tree, river behind our house or neighbor’s yard, so we started the day with a positive. And that continued as the weather was beautiful, by far the best we’ve had so far on the trip. With the wind and sun at our backs we hustled out to get some hiking in at Glef Affric and Glen Ord.

The scenery was breathtaking and we were able to feed birds, cows and even a few sheep. A stop at the Glen Ord Distillery Visitor Center was educational and tasty and the lunch at the Cnoc Hotel (right between Beualy and Tomich) was to die for. Gammy bought a walking cane after trying out every single one the lady had to offer and we made our way back to the house, exhausted from a long day of hiking and fresh air.
We kept the streak alive and as with previous nights, had an amazing dinner prepared by Chef Gammy, cozied up next to a warm and inviting fire and gazed out and up at the Highland stars. Tucking Gammy and the kids into bed, Mommy and Daddy snuck off a few doors down the road to the Tomich Inn and Black Pennell Pub to check up on email and have a few pints before retiring for the evening.
Tomorrow night, we pack up again and head east towards the Isle of Skye!











































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