April 5th – New Weatherly Travels Castle Record – 10+ in One Day! Aberdeen to Ayre (Scotland)

Well, we aren’t too sure and would have to go back in time to fact check, but we are pretty sure that we broke a Weatherly Travels record today by seeing at least 10+ castles (Drum, Crathes and Glamis to name a few) but none were as impressive as Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven. This castle bested Edinburgh and even Eilean Donan in our opinion. There was just something about it, preserved enough to give you a vision into the times long gone by, but destroyed enough to be haunting and eerie. We hiked the castle, climbed over the waterfall and explored the beach below which included a dark, deep cave and stones of all shapes and sizes.

Circling the countryside of Aberdeenshire we continued to check out castles and sheep that littered the landscape. The surrounding countryside of Aberdeen has the most castles per square mile in all of Scotland. Weatherly Travels, being castle and history lovers, were taking it all in one at a time! Heading first north and then back south and west in a clockwise formation on the castle trail, we eventually turned full south by southwest towards Glasgow. Trying to get as close to the port Cairnryan as we could, we lucked out because the kids took a nap. We made it all the way to the port of Ayr on the East coast about an hour north of our ferry ride and found a B&B called Arrendale (highly recommended).
Tomorrow – Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway!

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