April 8th – Nantwich to London (England)

Nantwich was a cute little down littered with winding canals and canal boats. As we wandered through the village and across the English countryside we dreamed of one day returning to spend months on those little ships getting lost in the sea of green and blue. One day soon perhaps.

Driving back into London and getting the big city feel once again, we quickly adjusted. The funniest part was returning the rental car. The guy was shocked to learn that we put 2,000 miles on the car in just a few weeks. He also wanted to know if we had hobbits and trolls living in the car (reference: Gammy and the kids). We couldn’t stop laughing at that and even snapped a few pics!

Our hotel had a cute little indoor pool. The kids still had their super tight speedos and I rocked my gym shorts. Mommy was forced to buy and squeeze into a slim tight black speedo ensemble. We were quite a sight for the Londoners and other travelers. With a dinner out and final preps for the flight, we had a great trip, but it was time to head home.

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