June 19th/20th – Vive La France! Norfolk -> DC -> Paris, France -> Rocuemont (30 mins. NW of Paris)


Back on the EU kick, this time primarily C5BDI focused the Weatherly team is headed back to Europe for the summer. With an action packed itinerary and potentially 13 countries to explore we were all excited to get settled in for another amazing adventure. The ride to the airport was uneventful (3 hours north to DC).

Travel Tip: It is way cheaper to book round trip tickets out of DC when compared to Norfolk. We got the latest round for $550 each. The 3 hour drive was well worth the $2K overall in savings.

Although the trip to the airport was uneventful, the delays in our flight were not. Luckily, we were upgraded to the executive lounge on Air France (thank you Delta) and enjoyed free snacks and drinks. We pulled out all the stops, playdough, artbooks, video games and movies and the kids managed to meet a new cute little friend named Elizabeth from the Netherlands who was heading back home.

After a long wait and then a smooth plane ride over, we woke up to Paris. Paris, a beautiful city and unfortunately one troubled with a few dark scars via the media and people of ill intentions of late. For us, she was still as beautiful as the last time we visited. A city of lights and wonder and full of twisting street filled with mouthwatering food and soul quenching drink. Although work had Daddy in the heart of Paris via the Paris Air Show, our accommodations via AirBnB had us 30 minutes northwest of the city. A check in with Hertz and 1 Fiat 500 later, we were dashing through the French countryside on the way to Rocquemont and our home for the week.

This place was worth to jet lag and the journey. After we went to the grocery store and unpacked, we all swam and then watched the kids play while the adults enjoyed cold Kronenbourgs 1664, hummus, peppers, salami, and olives.

Tuesday: While Mike had to head to work for the day we decided to make a discovery video of the place we were staying. I will post when I figure out how do get it up! With the jet lag we all slept in until about 9:3oam. That is super late for us but when Mike returned we decided to hit the pool up for a day of swimming and playing. When I mean all day, I mean ALL DAY. Today was the summer solstice and here the sun did not set until after 10pm! It is beautiful but will also play a number on you especially if you are jet lagged and if you are a kid who just doesn’t want to sleep until the sun goes down. Check out this clip of the original Tour de France lol: https://youtu.be/EyllVP3bd0E

France…Europe…we are home in the EU once again!



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