June 22nd – Paris on Purpose – (Paris/Rocquemont, France)

Today, I headed into downtown Paris (this time on purpose) for morning meetings. Today was just as crazy and nerve racking as yesterday. Cars, trucks, emergency service vehicles, police, fire, construction, bikes, motorcycles, and tourists by the millions – ahhhh!!! Why do I do this to myself?!?!?!?! Driving in Paris is crazy (and we are thinking about doing this for fun on Saturday!!!! – what the heck!).

It was a great day for networking and meetings at the Air Show and another extremely fun and adventurous day for the kids back at the Parisian farmhouse. Nature hikes, sight words (yes – school work – hahaha) and of course the pool! They loved it, the kids wore themselves out and took an evening dip with Mommy and Daddy to end the day.

Dinner and wine overlooking the rolling hills of the Parisian countryside. #exhausted #blessed #organizedchaos #thegoodlife Check out the kids exploring on the original tour de France:  https://youtu.be/EyllVP3bd0E

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