June 25th – Champagne, popping bubbly! (Reims and Epernay, France)

With one day left before leaving France we decided to go to the Champagne region being that it was only an hour and a half drive from where we were staying and also, because it’s the CHAMPAGNE REGION! The town of Reims is not as hustling and bustling as Paris, but certainly just as charming. The old town was immaculately kept and the Notre Dame cathedral was almost as impressive as the one in Paris. A walk around town included lunch at a restaurant which inspired us to hit up the just distant Champagne countryside.

We spent the day exploring all of the little towns along the way, walked down the Champagne road via Epernay and sampled a few vintages along the way. We even managed to squeeze in a few parks for the kids somehow. The afternoon was not enough time to spend in this place, you would need at least a week to explore it properly. Therefore, we have put this spot on our list of places on which to return via Weatherly Travels!

Making it back to our village at Rocquemont in time for dinner and one more last dip in the pool, we watched our final sunset as the fainting orange orb sank below the glowing yellow fields of barley and wheat.

Tomorrow, we are off to Belgium!



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