June 27th – Castle Conquering (Ghent, Belgium)

Our first full day in Ghent while dad is off to work.  We decided there was no better way to kick off our stay than to charge the castle! The kids have been here twice before when they were younger but did not remember it so well. The last time we were here was in 2014 with Nona and Grand Daddy Z. We marched onwards to conquer Gravensteen Castle and it was a success! The kids were free and my ticket was only $10. SCORE! Not only that but this took up about 2 hours of our time for the day.  LINK: https://gravensteen.stad.gent/en.  The kids got a little uncomfortable in the torture chamber so we skirted through that pretty quickly.  The top of the castle has amazing views and is pretty safe for the kids.  Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and had lunch, did some school work ( yes, I am TRYING to be better about it this time ) and then explored some more before Mike came home and we went out for dinner.

Side note: If you need a cheap umbrella, visit HEMA which is right in the square. It will most likely rain off and on during the day.

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