June 28th-Exploring Ghent

Mike had a few meetings in the earlier part of the day so we set out for an adventure. Today was the day we would find a park, any park, for the kids to play.  The receptionist at the front desk suggested two parks to us.  The kids and I quickly made way towards the first park. All seemed okay until we noticed a strange man circling around the perimeter of the park, glancing over at us from time to time. Other people would see him, look at us, and the look back at him. I think they were trying eyeball him for us but I already noticed him.  Luckily, two young women came out with dogs that kept Sienna and Mylan busy for a while and made the kids content to leave after the lady’s had to go home.  One of them had an Australian shepherd and the other an adorable pug! The kids ran with the dogs and played fetch with them. Once it was time for them to go I decided it was time to leave the park and head back to the hotel. We went back to the hotel and worked on some school work and then headed back out afterwards. The kids saw two carts parked near the castle selling code shaped candies referred to the locals as “noses” otherwise known as Cuberdon. These noses are made of honey and local flowers to give them their distinct smell and taste. Daddy came home and we went on a walk about to the other park, which was lame with regards to a kids playground. We left the playground and went on a canal tour FINALLY! The tour lasted only about 40 minutes but it was worth it for us and the kids.  Sienna and Mylan also got to ride the cheezy carousel ride in the square and visit a local chocolate shop.

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