June 30th-The Bell Tower (Ghent, Belgium)

While Mike was away for the day the kids and I decided to create our own adventure starting off with climbing the bell tower.  A great recommendation by the receptionist at the front desk might I add. We already crossed off the two closest parks, completed the famous boat tour, discovered the native candied “noses”, purchased Belgian chocolates, conquered the castle, went swimming, explored the city streets, befriended several dogs and so on and so forth. This bell tower was going on our check off list one way or the other. To my surprise children were free ( BONUS ) and it was only $8 for an adult ticket.  As a double bonus, I got some extra exercise in with the 200 plus steep spiraled steps all the way up. At one point you can walk out onto a terrace overlooking the entire city.  The view was amazing and dizzying but well worth the hike. Afterwards Sienna and Mylan were able to get their animal fix in again when we ran into the horses in the square. We headed back to the hotel so I could attempt to use the treadmill in the gym.  Luckily it was just us and it was only 30 minutes, but in those 30 minutes my kids managed to fight over the machines and my daughter got her fingers smashed in the door. This lead to a blood curdling scream followed by crying, causing three different hotel employees to come sprinting towards us. Sienna managed to score two fidget spinners from this and thankfully did not break any fingers.  I somehow convinced the kids to go on their last swim for some time being that we will be heading north. It was only about 70 out but they went along with it.  We called it the Ghent Polar Plunge and it didn’t last long but it kept them busy. We opted for an early dinner at the hotel which was the best decision.  We were the only ones there and they had the outside court to run around. We played jenga and the kids provided me with entertainment with their suave dance moves until dad came back home that evening.

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