July 6-Happiness=The Hannover Zoo

We have had three people recommend the Hannover Zoo for us to go to with the kiddos. We decided to take their advice and check it out.  There is NOT enough time in the day for this zoo! It is by far the best zoo and biggest zoo we’ve ever been to! It was like Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens rolled into one.  It wasn’t crowded and the animals were absolutely amazing. The whole park had activities for the kids to interact with, incredible playgrounds, and an authentic atmosphere.  We had to cut our visit short because we were meeting friends for dinner.  They did not want to leave but the promise of a pizza dinner seemed to have worked :).  We were able to meet Mike’s friend Jeff and his girlfriend Sam for dinner and afterwards we went to the local ice cream hot spot.  The sweetest ending to a great day.

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