July 10-Kiel Aquarium and ONWARDS to COPENHAGEN!

The G20 wrapped up and it was time for Mike to head to Hamburg for work.  The kids and I had a while to kill some time before he came back later that afternoon.  Trying to stretch out our time, we stayed at the hotel until check out and then went to the work out room for about an hour after.  We left our luggage there and took a cab to the Kiel Aquarium thanks to the advice of our friend Kim whom we met the day before. She said it was really small but DANG, this place was like two small rooms and a seal tank.  I tried very hard to go super sloth slow through the aquarium and even with that we were done in 25 minutes….. By this time it was raining and colder than before. We didn’t have any umbrellas so we took Kims advice again and went to a restaurant on the board walk nearby and made lunch a 2 hour affair.

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