July 12-A S#*t Storm of a Journey-3 Countries and a Ferry.


Today was Mylans 6th birthday. We woke up in Denmark, took a train to Malmo, Sweden, came back to Denmark and then ended up in the late evening in Dresden, Germany. Along the way we our train was loaded onto a ferry and a few hours later we were in Germany. The train was completely full with passengers in the aisles and the airlocks at the ends of the train cars. We had the Eurail pass which gives you automatic first class tickets but with everything full we go our seats bumped. Now this wasn’t just an hour train ride. This was a 6 hour train ride so us standing or sitting in aisles wasn’t going to work. We managed to hop off a stop and race towards to front of the train where the 1st class car was.  We hopped on and Thankfully there were 3 seats. Mylan had to sit on Mike’s lap. It is better than the floor for sure. We sat there content until our train pulled onto the ferry. I will admit that this was pretty cool. We all had to get off the train and head upstairs. We found a nice little restaurant at the back of the ferry and treated Mylan to a little birthday lunch. This was a good travel day due to the rainy cold weather being that it was going to take the entire day.  We boarded the train once we arrived on the other side and started  on our trip to Dresden when the train slowed to a stop.  We sat there for about 30-45 minutes before we had to get off. Apparently our train broke down and we had to wait for another train to continue on.

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