June 21, 2018. Kehlsteinhaus, a history lesson for the kids.

We literally hit the ground running. It was a toss up between Kehlstienhaus or Salzburg.  The kids have been to Salzburg before but it was a few years ago in 2014. Mike and I had not been to Kehlsteinhaus since before we had children. We gave the littles a choice and they voted for Kehlsteinhaus.  The drive was amazing through the Alps, across glacial streams, and green pastures. We drove to the town, parked our car, and started looking for the ticket office.  The weather did not look so good so we decided to have lunch first before we headed up.  We grabbed our tickets and hopped on a bus. This is the only way to get up the steep pass for access to Kehlsteinhaus. The drive was a bit scary but we made it to the top. From there we walked through a tunnel and go on a large gold elevator that took us up through the tunnel and deposited you at the top of the mountain above the clouds.  When we were up there it was hailing and everyone was crowded under overhangs. Luckily it tappered off and we took the opportunity to run out and check out the views.  Being that high up and seeing snow capped mountains was amazing. The kids took a moment to build a cairn in memory of our great aunt Linda who recently passed away. We decided that we would try to build them as we go in honor of her love of travel and adventure. The clouds moved back in and the hail started to come down but this time it was accompanied with thunder and lightning. We decided to head back down the mountain and head back home for the evening. The kids got to unwind with jumping on the trampoline and resume play time with the kittens.

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