June 20, 2018. Reunited at last in Germany!

After flying through the night and a layover in Frankfurt I finally saw the smiling faces of my family on the other side of customs when I arrived in Munich! FINALLY!!!! So happy that this ordeal was over. We hopped in our Cactus and sped off to find our AirBnB in Lorenzenberg. The place was PERFECT and exactly what we thought it would be. The kids were absolutely happy to see two kittens as we pulled up.  There were orchards and a cow pasture, grape fines and flowers everywhere not to mention a soccer goal, trampoline, and swing set. We met the owners briefly as we checked in and they told us about an amazing Bier Garten down the road. That’s all they had to say and we made it our mission to go check it out. After a quick trip to the grocery store we headed down to this infamous brewery and bier garten and couldn’t have been happier. There was a huge park for the kids, live bavarian music, the beer was flowing and the food was being cooked right in front of you. Hello heaven! We spent a few hours there watching the kids play and then headed back for the night. By the way, it was after 10pm before the sun completely set. We received a serenade of cow bells and church bells before we went to bed that evening. A perfect day to be back with the family.

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