June 23-Travel Day. Bavaria-Greece

After a long day of travel we arrived that evening in Crete. I thought I was being saavy listening to tripadvisor with regards to rental cars and rented through a local company.  A man with a sign that read “Mitchell Weekly” was standing there to whisk us away to get our rental car. After we realized this ( wrong name and all ) the man walked us outside to where another man was waiting with a car. He was urging us to get in and Mike at this point was a bit on edge and not really wanting to get into a dented older car with a stranger from an unknown car rental company.  Alas, I got him to agree to hop in an we were driven to a dusty lot with a chain linked fence and a small trailer…….Mike was about to KILL me for saving a few dollars by using this rental car company but long story short, it worked out.  We saved a TON of money, the car was fine, and that is just the way they do it there, bottom line. We didn’t get to our hotel until 9pm. Dinner was no longer being served but they provided sandwiches for us and fruit. We inhaled the food and then went walking around the resort to check out everything. Luckily for us the game was on for the world cup ( Switzerland vs. Germany ) and we got to unwind just a little.

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