We have always wanted to ride an alpine coaster and as soon as we discovered that there was one not too far away, we decided to go for it.  The ride up the ski lift took about 20 minutes and going down took only about 5 minutes. We purchased tickets to go down 3 times. Sienna and I went down together the first two times and the last I went down with Mylan.  The ride was totally fun and exhilarating and also scarier than any coaster I had ever been on before because YOU are the one that controls the speed and the brakes. After our second ride down we decided to have lunch at the top of the mountain at the little lodge with a gorgeous view of the valley.  The kids got to play at a play ground next to the lodge and zip line and we had some mommy-daddy chill time.  We went on our last ride down and called it a day. We went back to the brewery one last time that evening since we were leaving early the next morning.

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