July 10-13, Copenhagen, Denmark

From Athens to Denmark.

We hopped on our plane and headed straight for Copenhagen! We arrived at a decent time and took a cab to our Airbnb.  The taxi driver couldn’t find the place as it was in a new developed area.  Feeling worried we asked the driver to take us to the Marriott.  We should have realized by now that MOST directions and descriptions we get are soooo vague.  This was the case. Thankfully the wonderful concierge at the Marriott, Dragos, pulled up google maps and drilled down and helped us find out where we were staying. TOTALLY DIFFERENT ADDRESS! It is so new that it wasn’t registering for some reason with our phones. In any case, we figured it out and took the second cab to the house.  We then realized that we were sort of on an island in which we had to walk everywhere. No UBER, taxi’s can get to us….So we walked to a nearby mall which was about 10 minutes away, grabbed the most expensive dinner we have had yet ( just two burger and nuggets for the kids, a glass of wine each ) and it was over $140 US dollars. We totally stopped by the Lidl on the way back and loaded up on groceries. Saved so much money and I can say that it tasted much better 😊 We went back and watched the soccer game and crashed.

July 11, 2018 The City Center

Today we decided to walk to the city center. According to google maps it would be about an hours walk.  We knew the kids would need breaks along the way so we were sure to stop at every park on the board walk. From where we were staying we literally walked along the water to get to the city center.  We veered left off the route to check out the palace and wandered into the marketplace to find a Legoland store. SCORE for the kids, especially since they were hot and getting crabby.  They had a chance to create their own lego characters and get a lego passport.  We found a place near by for lunch and then continued on to the main canal with the colorful row houses. Mike and I were tired and just wanted to sit somewhere and have a glass of wine and we wanted to reward the kids with ice cream for being troopers. We had no problem finding a place for the kids to grab some cones but apparently we were not allowed to sit down at a restaurant for wine because they were eating the ice cream cones……We decided to duck down an alley and on the other side was the most quaint hostel with a little cobblestone square and umbrellas. Not only was this quiet with lots of seating but we were allowed to be there with the kids and their ice cream cones! BONUS! Plus the wine was WAY cheaper than on the water front. Sometimes it pays to go off the beaten path. We literally stayed there for about an house before getting a cab back to our Airbnb abode. We cooked a nice dinner and sat outside while the kids ran around and played. We got to end the night with watching the World Cup game between England and Croatia. Happy to report Croatia won. I am always a sucker for the underdog.

July 12, 2018 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Today is my sons birthday. I got to snuggle with him and sing him happy birthday this morning.  The day is his. Since we are in Copenhagen for business and dad is away we decided to walk to the canal pool that we saw yesterday.  The kids were pumped and had absolutely no fear of jumping off the high dive into the water.  The birthday boy was first and it took him a few seconds before he jumped.  He was by far the smallest kiddo out there. Small but mighty.  After they had their fill of cannon balls, pencil dives, and can openers we moved on to the obstacle course which was about a half a mile further down the way.  All I could think about was “Ninja Warrior Courses” and how much my kids love them…maybe we should set one up back home?? Maybe not.  Sir Mylan wanted a second round of the high dive so we went back for a another dose of adrenaline before heading back.  We ended up celebrating with the only thing close enough to a cake that we could find at Lidl and sang happy birthday.


We woke up and decided to check out of our Airbnb and go to the nearby Marriott. We totally had them hold our luggage while we used their towels and went back to the canal pool so that daddy could experience the awesomeness of the high dive. From there we went back to the hotel, changed, headed to the airport and flew to England. It took about 2 hours to get our luggage, go through customs and finally get our rental car before we headed east of London to Bearsted in Kent County near Canterbury. We arrived late and dad ordered room service and we all crashed for the evening.

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