July 20-22 Londontown

We woke up in Compton, checked out of our Airbnb, and had breakfast at the small village tea shop. From there we headed to Londontown, returned the rental car and took a taxi to our hotel. Thankfully with work travel the Marriott points came in handy! We were able to stay at one of the Marriotts Autograph hotels which was literally steps away from the Winchester Cathedral.  We check in and decided to go on an early evening walk about.  We were able to knock out Winchester Cathedral, Big Ben, cross the bridge and see Parliament and the London Eye.  We headed back for dinner at the hotel ( it was just easier that way ) and called in a night.

Amanda’s BIRTHDAY!

We started off the morning singing happy birthday to our friend Amanda and then headed down for breakfast.  We had a plan.  She wanted to go to the Shard and then tour around on the Hop On Hop Off bus. So that is exactly what we did for the most part.  We took a taxi to the Shard after realizing it was over 20 minutes away by car. I will say the Shard was on point ( no pun intended haha! ).  We bought our tickets and took a super fast elevator up to the top.


We woke up thinking we had more time to do some exploring however we were wrong. We had breakfast and headed for the airport for the next leg of our adventure. Ahhhhhh, Sicily.

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