Sunday Funday. A time to catch up with our friends.

Our friends from last year that we met while staying in Radicofani were in town the same time as we were this year.  They are the most beautiful and loving family and we know that we have made friends for life.  We were SO happy to meet them for dinner and catch up with them while we were both here. They came all the way from Germany and us from the states.  It’s so great to meet again from so far away after a year and pick up right where we left off.  We shared wine, food, and lots of laughs this evening. Thanks to our friends who live in town they recommended the best restaurant for us all.  This restaurant is right as you pass through the main gate of town to your left. The name is Porta di Bacco and it is a wine shop attached to a great restaurant. We also met a new friend, Andrea. He and his father own the restaurant and were absolutely gracious.  If you want truffles, picci, and a good steak, this is your place!

Restaurant: Porta di Bacco  website:


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