APRIL: Ireland in 10 Days

This spring break we were able to bring Michaels grandmother ( Grandma Rose ) on a once of a lifetime trip to Ireland.  We have been there a few times before and wanted to explore a few new places with her to make the experience unique for all of us.  We managed to see SO much in 10 days and we wanted to share the itinerary for anyone who was interested in the route we took and also for us to have saved for possible future trips.  This 82 year old woman was a breeze to travel with and we loved having her come along with us.

Day 1: Landing in Dublin.  We literally hit the ground running. We checked into our hotel which was not too far from St. Patricks Cathedral and unloaded our suitcases.  From there we walked to a nearby distillery, Teeling Distillery, for a few tastes and lunch. We spead out the map of Dublin and planned our route for the day. The key to try and avoid jet lag is to stay up as late as possible with the current time of the destination location.  I think we did a pretty good job of it.  After lunch we visit St. Patricks Cathedral.  Grandma Rose lit a candle and said a prayer for her sister who recently passed away, Aunt Linda.  The kids also said prayers and wrote prayers on leafs to hang on a prayer tree in the cathedral. From there we headed to the Guinness Factory. Grandma Rose got to have her first ( and her last ) Guinness on top of the factory with a view of Dublin.  We headed back for dinner at the hotel and crashed.

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