Uncharted Territory in Southern Italy

Ciao Mi Amore! Another summer packed up and on the road and this time it is an adventure in Italy.  We will be exploring a few new places along the way and will write about them so we can remember these special moments. We flew out of Atlanta and into Roma by 11am the following day.  Night flights are great with helping the time go by quickly and keeping the kids occupied with movies.  We brought our Boston Terrier with us for the first time and she did great on the flight.  This was her first flight ever and it was almost 9 hours! In any case, she made it without any accidents.  We landed, checked her through customs, fetched our rental car and drove south to a Cosenza as a stop over on our way to Sicily.  Driving that long after flying all night was tough but it was worth it to make up the time.  We took the advice from a good friends father who makes the trip from Tuscany often with regards to staying in Cosenza and that proved to fare well. We found a pet friendly hotel just north of Cosenza with a pool and a restaurant so we don’t have to go far for anything before we leave for Sicily.  Tomorrow, we drive 2 hours to Villa San Giovanni Port and ferry overt o Messina in Sicily.

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