South to Sicily, Trekking to Taormina

We woke up in Cosenza, had breakfast and headed south for a 2 hour drive to Villa San Giovani to take the ferry over the Messina. We were worried that we were arriving in the middle of the day but as luck would have it we literally pulled up, bought our tickets and were on the ferry within 20 minutes.  The ferry actually took a little longer than what we thought because it was taking us to a midway point where the autostrada was for ease of getting to nearby cities.  In any case, the kids and the dog fared well.  We got off and shot straight towards our Airbnb.  We were early so we ducked into a restaurant just a few steps away for lunch. Thankfully it was dog friendly and we were able to kill some time until the owner was able to check us in.  We finished up and checked in with our host and headed straight for the pool of  course.  The day ended with a trip to the grocery store, easy dinner and bed.


This mom was up bright and early trying to get everyone together to venture into Taormina to explore the ancient Greek amphitheater. We did not know what to expect with regards to parking but we figured it out after almost giving up.  Can I just say that the Italian drivers either drive super slow or super crazy like race car drivers constantly playing a game of chicken??? Mike was about give up but alas we found the underground parking garage hidden from the human eye. We were thinking we could just park and walk into the site but you actually park and walk up through the town, pass by all of the shops and churches, and then finish up at the amphitheater. The views from the amphitheater were amazing with Mt. Etna in the background.  We spent some time at the site before getting lunch and heading back for the rest of the day.  After realizing that the grocery store is closed on Sunday, we decided to go next door again for dinner that evening.  We happened to meet a great German family with a little girl, Paola, who the kids played with all evening.  The parents got to chat and the kids got to play so I would like to chalk that up to a win:win!


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