Exploring Etna

We have been staring at this gorgeous volcanic mountain for days and on THIS day we had the opportunity to take a tour up to meet her live and up close.  Well, as close as the tour would give us.  Since it is SUPER hot we decided to do a sunset tour with the kiddos.  We booked a tour through Etna Experience and met them in a small town called Nicolosi around 4:40 in the evening.  We piled into an 8 passenger van with a few other folks from Bulgaria and Ukraine.  Our first stop was a location where we could get out and hike around volcanic cones that are dormant.  From there we put on our hard hats and took flashlights to hike down into a lava tube cave.  Being a former geology major this was the bees knees for me lol! The kids were more concerned with the spiders and the 700 meter drop straight down at the end of the cave. We finished up with a drive through the alpine forest of the park and watched the sunset with a platter of typical Sicilian food and a few bottles of local wine.  The kids were preoccupied with the water pump by the alpine shelter but it kept them busy. All in all it was a good experience.

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