Agrigento, Sicily

After exploring some of the eastern spots of Sicily we decided to head west to Agrigento.  We took the scenic drive around the volcano ( counter clock wise ) and then set out for our target. I have to say that every now and then you strike GOLD with Airbnb.  This was one of those instances.  The directions were simply: follow the signs for the birth place of this famous writer and our house is the green gate next to the museum.  This was very typical of European directions but we found it without any problems. What was even better was that is was literally just a few miles from the Valley of the Temples, which was the whole reason we came to this part of Sicily.  That and the beautiful beaches.  The house we stayed in was beautiful with a big courtyard with olive trees, views of the sea, lush gardens, and one of the best pools we have ever been to complete with diving board and built in seating area.  The outdoor space looked like something from a magazine and Mia had plenty of room to run around in the fenced in yard.  The owners had a small brown dog named DOG and the two got along pretty well.  From this location we visited a few of the local beaches, avoided the crazy medusa as much as possible that were infiltrating the beach ( the large purple jellyfish ), ascended to the temples inside the Valley of the Temples, and hiked the Turkish Steps.  All in all it was a good week in Agrigento, especially with this amazing Airbnb!