The Turkish Steps

This was a place that was on Mike’s list to go and see.  It wasn’t very far from where we were staying so that made it easy. The key, as always, is to get there early.  We arrived early and were able to get parking all the way down by the beach. This is HUGE because otherwise the lot is full and you have to hike down a cliff to get to the beach and then back up. This would not be bad except it’s almost 100 degrees and not fun with beach supplies.  From the bottom of the lot we hiked about a quarter of a mile along the beach to the white cliffs.  They were beautiful but already starting to get busy with tourists like us.  The usual modeling shoot with a friend and a camera and a flutter of selfies was well underway when we arrived, photo bombing their gorgeous backdrops with our kids hahamwahhhhhahaaaaaaaa! These are SUCH a pet peeve of mine. I any case, we hiked around, snapped a few pics, and then found an organized beach close to where we parked and spent the next few house by the sea.  To get the “glamorized” photo I would say come super early or at dusk to avoid the crowds.

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