Hello Scopello! Good to see you again!

We found this jewel by chance last year and fell in love with it so much that we wanted to come back.  We have at this point traveled around Sicily and have all decided that THIS is our favorite place.  Between the people, the beaches, the natural beauty, and chill beach vibe we all felt like this was the big win for Sicily.  This year we used two separate Airbnb’s, one in the mountains and one by the sea. Both were amazing and offered gorgeous views.  A few words of advice:

Beaches: Get there early. You will get the best spot with the least amount of people. By lunch time you will be ready to head out and visit the small town of Scopello. There are a few great places to duck into for lunch and some shopping if you care to. Afterwards you can go back to the beach or a pool at your place if you have one.

Wine and food: Behind the Market Scopello is a produce stand where you can buy the MOST amazing wine for only a few euros.  Very easy drinking and the produce is the best. Also, this market has the highest quality of food if that is what your are looking for. It is more of a specialty market and the store next door is also very good but less “fancy”.

Beaches: La Tonnara di Scopello is our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place. Oceans 12 was filmed here and the water is incredibly clear.  It is a little rocky BUT the kids loved jumping off the rocks and swimming. GET THERE AT LEAST BY 9:30 IF YOU WANT A GOOD SPOT. This is NOT a beach but an old tuna fishing village with a ramp that chairs are set up with shade sails for tourists to visit for the day.  You can bring your own snacks and drinks but it is pretty basic once you are down there.  Your fee you pay covers your chairs and access.  They have a few vending machines but the rest is up to you so it is not your typical organized beach. There is a new food truck up at the top of the hill that you can buy some food on the way in or out that looks amazing.  You can do this OR do what we did and leave around noon to grab some lunch in the old town.

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